Grow Strong, Radiant Locks of Health & Wisdom

Sara Sophia's long awaited book about how to grow strong healthy hair is now available! Learn how to generate epic vitality and radiance from within, by aligning the sacred antenna of your hair to your own highest and greatest good, attuning to frequencies of true nourishment and self love. 

This book includes valuable, practical information about the energetics of hair and how to work with them, as well as nutrition for optimal hair growth, topical hair care and much more. It holds important keys for anyone who is seeking to grow thicker stronger hair, but also for anyone who wishes to live a more vital, joyous, aligned, deeply loving and purposeful life overall.

Whether someone is experiencing hair loss due to physical concerns, hormonal changes, stress and/or energetic infiltration, or simply seeking to grow stronger more beautiful hair, this book can help to address the root of the issues and regenerate health from the deepest inside out. 

In it, Sara Sophia details her own very personal journey with hair loss and miraculous recovery, and imparts all the valuable secrets and insight she learned along the way. 

In healing partnership with her husband Hanan, Sara Sophia has helped people to recover from a wide range of illnesses from autoimmune disease, to GI illness, to serious infections and even cancer. She now turns this potent wisdom to the subject of hair, revealing its true nature as an incredibly important part of the nervous system that reflects our systemic health and vibrational reality. 

Loaded with information as practical as it is revolutionary, Splendor offers readers a completely new way to understand and work with their hair. 

And the results are absolutely beautiful. 

Tap into your Splendor today.

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