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Happier than ever, at 43 and naturally silver


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Sweet silver story in VT


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Natural silver hair storms the Spanish speaking world

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My hair turned silver overnight when I was 21, after a childhood full of trauma and shocking initiation that led me through a near death experience and rebirthed me into a completely new kind of power. Years into coloring it, I shed my shame around my natural silver and let it emerge in 2014, which to my surprise contributed to a revolution of women and men shedding their shame around their natural hair and allowing their true silver to shine.

My journey with the power of hair continued when, in 2016, I had an enormous amount of hair loss due to a massive resurfacing of trauma and a dangerous and painful situation that arose as a result. My hair fell out in handfuls and left me with a noticeable bald spot of despair.

My wonderful husband and I together embarked upon a quest to heal and regrow my hair, using a combination of nutrition, energy work and ancient rituals. It was then that I became more clear than ever that hair is not just some inert dead thing that sprouts out of our head, to be regarded only for its aesthetic value by a hollow society, but oh so much more than that: a living, sacred antenna that conducts and symbolizes tremendous power and wisdom.

In this process, my hair not only miraculously regrew, it became thicker and healthier than ever at the very time when, in my 40s, it "should" have been in decline according to society's theories of aging.

My hair is now longer than it's EVER been in my entire life. 

This occurred in conjunction with important changes I made in my life: boundaries that I set, ways that I decided to value myself no matter what, dreams I got clear about wanting to claim for myself and all of us, and so much more. In short, I found something very near the fountain of youth or vitality that we so often hear spoken of in fairy tales. Only, it's all real: an overflow of joy and love that keeps us well and young, of which our rapid growing, healthy hair is but one expression.

In my new book "Splendor," I share with you all that I have learned on this miraculous journey, which I believe will be of great benefit to anyone who implements it. I'm so excited to share all I know with you, and support you in your own journey to strong, beautiful, natural hair, and so much more!