Sovereignty, wholeness, solidity, integrity, honesty, warmth, devotion, joy, connection, intimacy, wisdom, grace, presence, and DIVINE LOVE. Heaven on Earth is here and now.


She is One

Heal Your Trauma and Find Divine Wholeness and True Love

I AM SO HONORED to invite you to read my first book, SHE IS ONE: the true, uplifting story of my life and the divine feminine rising. 

SHE IS ONE details my very raw and personal journey "home" from the deepest abuse, trauma and soul fragmentation - to wholeness, sovereignty and divine love - through a series of true, supernatural events that hold tremendous power and relevance for the collective. 

This work is extremely timely in the critical unfolding of the current era, deeply assisting and inspiring those seeking healing from sexual trauma and abuse, as we collectively address the unhealed legacy of silence and shame around the "rape culture" that has affected the lives of untold many. 

By providing a revolutionary framework for understanding trauma and "illness" in terms of soul fracturing, SHE IS ONE gifts the reader with a profound opportunity for a life-changing re-coalescing of the soul: a reclaiming of immense power and a remembering of our birthright as divine beings, as we all return "home" to our bodies and the present moment, and remember ourselves as love.


God is with Us

The Secrets to Vitality, Divine Union, & Shamamism are Within

-Discover ancient codes of healing in the Dead Sea Scrolls that 2000 years of history tried to snuff out

-Experience lasting healing through an ancient form of shamanism

-Learn about the practice of the Way: the mystic Essene tradition

-Reverse the reversal of stolen power,
and restore a “lost” treasure of overflowing vitality…in yourself!

So many people in our society today feel traumatized and hurt, yet don’t know how to heal or move beyond the vicious cycle. They suffer from ancestral wounds and yet often continue to compulsively and/or unconsciously repeat the unhealthy dynamics that originally caused their wounding, forming a circuit of trauma with no viable way out. 

GOD IS WITH US, a paradigm-shifting new work, addresses these dynamics and provides a potent new map to exit the trauma matrix. This powerhouse work identifies the energetic codes of trauma that have been passed on to us for generations and shows people how to reverse those unhealthy dynamics in their lives to bring true vitality, healing and joy, free from the ancestral trauma of the past. 

The authors employ a shamanic tradition first created by the Essenes, a 2000 year old mystical sect of Judaism, to return to the Earth and body and reverse the trauma suffered by so many. The book describes the historical underpinnings of the trauma latent in Western civilization, and provides a hands-on manual of how to transform it in one’s every day life. With five real-world case studies of people who have experienced this shamanic tradition to establish personal boundaries and sovereignty, heal physical disease, break addictions and bring in sacred purpose and beneficial relationships, this book is essential for anyone who is interested in overcoming trauma and finding true healing in their lives.